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Facebook VS Apple: Battle of the Tech Giants

On 2018 in a dispute over privacy concerns, and over a meeting which included FB' head Mark Zuckerburg, he stated that they need to...

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Are COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Being Censored?

One would think that in a world riddled with viral turmoil, that information on the production and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine would be...

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$DOGE Hit’s All Time Highs: The Frenzy with Crypto and DOGE Coin

In a crypto frenzy, the crypto coin known as DOGECOIN has seen an unprecedented increase in its growth. This was initially propped up by...

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Will the New York Law Proposed by State Assembly N. Nick Perry Usher in A Form of Authoritarianism?

Amidst the Nationwide censorship by BIG TECH working in conjunction with Government forces, some would even say forces in the Democratic party, a new...

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Hunter Email Report Suggest, Then VP Biden Lied About Meeting Burisma Execs

In 2019 a laptop belonging to then Vice President's son Hunter Biden, was dropped off at a repair shop. Inside this computer, is alleged...

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