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Jacksonville — The Jacksonville Housing Authority (JHA) is launching a significant expansion project. It is in response to the escalating demand for affordable housing in the Jacksonville area. Thus, the initiative is spearheaded by JHA and recently reported by News4Jax’s Travis Gibson. It aims to alleviate the housing challenges faced by low-income families. In particular, those earning less than 80 percent of the area’s median income, approximately $60,000 per year in Jacksonville.

The focal point of this effort is a new development of subsidized townhomes situated off Normandy Boulevard. These townhomes are designed to be accessible for individuals and families with limited financial resources. Rent for these units is set between $1,100 and $1,500 per month. Individuals can qualify for assistance through JHA contributing 30% of their income towards rent. Furthermore, the federal government will cover the remaining costs.

A Vital Role for Affordable Housing in Jacksonville

JHA Executive Director, Dwayne Alexander emphasized the vital role this initiative plays in addressing the pressing need for affordable housing in Duval County. “It has to go to the housing authority to continue to walk down this path to be able to provide low-income housing for the person in Duval County because it’s a needed asset. It’s a very needed asset in this community,” Alexander stated.

This expansion aligns with a broader strategy by JHA to add 500 new housing units annually. Thus, demonstrating a commitment to keeping pace with the growing demand for affordable housing in Jacksonville. The goal is to assist those who have been patiently waiting for suitable housing options, contributing to the overall improvement of the local community.

About Jacksonville Housing Authority (JHA): The Jacksonville Housing Authority (JHA) serves as the quasi-independent agency overseeing public housing and subsidized housing in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to 1994, direct responsibility for public housing and Section 8 (housing) in the city was held by a municipal department.

About Travis Gibson: Travis Gibson is a reputable reporter with News4Jax, providing insightful coverage of local developments.