Hillsborough County Sherriff, State Attorney Susan Lopez, Attorney General Ashley Moody, and Former Attorney General Pam Bondi endorse Senator Rick Scott for re-election.

Senator Rick Scott received endorsements on Monday, April 8th, from State Attorneys, Attorney Generals, Hillsborough County Sherriff, and law enforcement officials. During the press conference, Senator Rick Scott emphasized the critical role of law enforcement and legal professionals in the state, stating, “If you look at our state, a lot of people wouldn’t be here. They’re here for one reason, because we have great law enforcement, we have great Attorney Generals, we have great State Attorneys, great police Chiefs, we enforce our laws.”

Senator Rick Scott continued to express his concerns about the state of the country, using a recent incident involving a CNN reporter interviewing a gang member in New York as an example. He stated, “There was a CNN reporter recently asked a gang member up in New York, they said, so why do you steal from people in New York, go party in Florida and come back? They said Well, because if we got caught in Florida we’d be in jail. That’s emblematic of exactly what’s happening to our country.

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Former Attorney General Pam Bondi

In his further remarks, Senator Rick Scott emphasized a message aligned with supporting small businesses and law enforcement, reinforced by Former Attorney General Pam Bondi’s endorsement. Former Attorney General Pam Bondi stated, “I was the blessed one to get to work for this brilliant businessman every day for eight years and I saw first-hand all the jobs he brought to our state, everything he did for our state, but more than that, I saw how he supported our law enforcement and all our great men and women today here in law enforcement, our great prosecutors, our attorney general, thank you for fighting the fight every day and Rick fought that fight every day, he didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk.

State Attorney Susan Lopez

State Attorney Susan Lopez reiterated Senator Rick Scott’s staunch support for law enforcement during her address. She emphasized that Senator Scott understands the importance of upholding strong law enforcement policies, particularly amidst challenges faced by Democrat-led cities and states implementing what she referred to as “soft on crime” approaches.

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She expressed that Senator Rick Scott, “knows that Floridians don’t support the soft on crime policies that are tearing apart democrat-led cities and states. In Washington Senator Scott is the leading voice against rogue prosecutors and dangerous ideas, like he said, defunding the police that put law enforcement and our families at risk. In Florida, we enforce the law, we hold criminals accountable, and we support our law enforcement… that’s why I’m backing him, and I look forward to continuing to work with him to keep criminals off of the streets. Senator Rick Scott stands for law enforcement and we in law enforcement stand for Senator Rick Scott.”

Attorney Lopez continued to praise Senator Scott’s leadership in Washington, where he actively opposes initiatives like defunding the police that jeopardize public safety. She highlighted Florida’s commitment to enforcing laws, holding criminals accountable, and supporting law enforcement, underscoring why she backs Senator Scott.

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Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister

Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister stepped up to the podium to voice his strong support and appreciation for Senator Scott and the Tampa community. He emphasized the vital importance of law and order in fostering prosperity within the community. Thus, affirming that Senator Scott exemplifies these principles by stating, “Senator, I have to introduce you to our great community, our Tampa community, our Tampa community that understands the prosperity of any community starts and ends with law and order and that’s what you have here today…”

Sheriff Chronister continued to highlight the collaborative efforts between Senator Scott and the Tampa community to prioritize public safety and uphold the rule of law. His remarks underscored the shared commitment to ensuring a safe and thriving environments for all residents in Hillsborough County.

He continued by expressing his experience with the Senator during a previous hurricane and how they instantly learned they had a “true friend in Rick Scott”. He reminisced on the manner in which the Senator helped by making sure they were putting teams and professionals in place, staging electrical workers and powerline workers in order to have power restored in record time.