Hunter Biden choses a public press statement, adding further tensions to the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

President Biden’s scheduled news conference faced delays due to his son Hunter’s refusal to comply with a Congressional subpoena linked to their family’s business dealings. Hunter’s arrival on Capitol Hill, declining a private deposition but offering a public testimony, added further tension to the ongoing inquiry.

Hunter’s refusal and subsequent public statement denouncing allegations of his father’s financial involvement in his business dealings raised eyebrows and peaked ears in the news and media communities. During an airing on Outnumbered, the panel outlined at least 20 instances of involvement by President Biden.

House Republicans sought closed-door testimony, prompting Hunter’s strong rejection, citing concerns of selective leaks and manipulation. Despite reports highlighting massive leaks by members associated with the Democratic party during investigations against conservatives. Republicans persisted in their efforts, aiming to show the American public the Biden family’s alleged improprieties.

Democrats countered, highlighting the lack of concrete evidence tying President Biden to any wrongdoing. Thus, labeling the inquiry as a diversion from crucial legislative matters. The Republicans’ push for a formal impeachment inquiry faced criticism for its alleged uncertain foundation regarding criminal or constitutional offenses, as Democrats argue.

Republicans argue that is the purpose of an impeachment inquiry. To analyze and assess if there were high crimes or misdemeanors committed by President Biden in his son’s business dealings. Furthermore, Republicans have previously stated that information has yet to be provided on this matter and that an impeachment inquiry will broaden the scope of their powers to finally undertake an adequate review.  

Hunter Biden, despite facing federal indictment over tax-related accusations, remained adamant about his father’s lack of financial involvement, denouncing Republican efforts as invasive and aimed at tarnishing his father’s reputation.

However, the House Oversight Committee presented a $40,000 check, dated September 3rd, 2017 for Joe Biden. In addition, it was allegedly labeled as a “loan repayment” which was sent through an intricate web of financial transactions.

The check started with Northern International Capital which is a Chinese Company affiliated with the CEFC. It then went to Hudson West, a joint venture between Hunter Biden and CEFC, followed by Owasco PC, which is a Hunter Biden business entity, followed by the Lion Hall Group, then to the sister-in-law of Joe Biden, Sara Biden, followed by a $40,000 check to Joe Biden.

As tensions heightened, discussions about possible contempt proceedings emerged, accentuating the possible escalation of the Hunter Biden saga and the political rift between both parties in relation to the investigation and impeachment inquiry. Meanwhile, the White House dismissed the inquiry as a partisan agenda lacking substantial evidence against President Biden.

In the midst of this escalating situation, and Hunter’s legal battles in multiple states, including Special Council David Weiss’ investigation over Hunter’s alleged “4-year scheme to not pay at least $1.4 million in self-assessed federal taxes,” coupled with the House’s anticipated authorization of the impeachment inquiry, underscored the ongoing political turmoil surrounding the Biden family’s business affairs.

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