Is this the end of the Pax Americana? Peace under America, and is the new Multi-Polar World Order attributed to Socialist or Communist policies that have given China an upper hand in foreign affairs?

Since the beginning of World War I, the end of what is commonly referred to as Pax Britanica (British peace throughout their empire) left a power vacuum across the world that propagated more instability. This power vacuum of instability was later filled by the dominance of the United States after the end of World War II in 1945. Hence, now commonly known as Pax Americana, (American Peace, throughout its circle of influence and its European allies).

While turmoil may have still existed in areas across the world, the major power Nations were less susceptible or less inclined to increase conflict amongst each other. Some may say that the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was an essential component of this success. 28 European Nations and 2 North American have worked together to sustain a world order that has promoted stability and growth. However, is this reign under the Pax Americana about to see its end? And is what awaits us worse than what we have been accustomed to?

The Multi-Polar World Order

The new Multi-Polar World Order is understood to be a world order under the premise that all Nations are equal under Chinese rule. Hence, you do what you want in your country, and we do what we want in ours. It is the understanding that no Nation will get involved in each other’s affairs even if atrocities to human life is exercised amongst the very same people they govern.

While it may paint a rosy picture of peace and stability under a Chinese rule, it also established the notion that the human rights, liberties and the freedoms we are accustomed to will no longer be the norm. Historically, our world has been known to be led by monarchies, dictators, communism, and the ones on top traditionally tend to rule the ones at the bottom.

America, for a long period became the anomaly in this worldwide historical track. Initially led by Judean Christian beliefs and the belief that Constitutional rights were afforded to each individual who deserved to live their life as they choose to. That era of the Pax Americana seems to be coming to an end as world leaders and rivals look at the United States and its leadership in the world stage. All while laughing and chastising the American way of life as hypocrisy sinks in and can no longer make the argument for the moral high ground.

Mexican President Insinuates America is Being Hypocritical

During a press conference on March 22, 2023 the Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticizes America and reminds the US of the illegal incarceration of Julian Assange and refers to him as a journalist doing his job. Stating, “Why don’t you release Assange? If you’re talking about Journalism and Freedom, Why do you have Assange imprisoned?” He continued, “If there is talk of acts of violence, how is it that an award-winning Journalist in the United States assures that the United States Government sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipeline from Russia to Europe?

Mexican President AMLO
Mexican President’s Press Conference Highlighting Washington’s Double Standards

While the United States has primarily denied this action, it is well known that the circumstantial evidence shows that the U.S. had the motive, the technical and military capability, and the support of the Biden Administration based on his public press statements, to pull it off. Additionally, flight simulation records shows that a specialized US aircraft that had the right weaponry to pull this off, also flew over the target within an hour or more of the explosion. Under most circumstances this would be considered an act of war against a NATO ally.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was commonly known as the means and methods for Russia to transport natural gas to Western European. It runs from Russia to Germany and was a pipeline of contention between President Putin and President Biden. During a press conference President Biden stated that if Russia invades Ukraine, “there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2, we will bring an end to it”.

The Mexican President continued to highlight Americas inadequate enforcement as it relates to the fentanyl crisis, and ask “why the United States allows cartels to operate with freedom, which does so much harm to the young people?” He then jumped into the political persecution of President Trump by stating, “The former President Trump is declaring that they are going to arrest him, I believe today… If it is such then, everyone in the world would know why we are not sucking our thumbs, it is so that he doesn’t show up in the electoral ballot. And if I say this, it is because I suffered from the fabrication of a crime, because they did not want me to be a candidate.

China Brokers Deal Between Iran and Saudi Arabia

It is no secret that the green new deal agenda the Democratic party is pushing is antithetical to the interest of our allies in the Middle East and the Kingdom of Saudi. As a top producer and exporter of crude oil, the Kingdom of Saudi does not take lightly a push towards alternative green energy resources. China, as the Nation controlling up to 80% of the world’s green energy supply chain, from photovoltaic manufacturing to lithium-ion batteries and its raw materials, seems to be taking advantage of this opportunity.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration’s push towards green energy and away from oil is pushing America’s middle eastern allies further from the US and closer to China and its Multi-Polar World Order. In addition, the Kingdom’s ties with Russia and OPEC+, as well as the war with Yemen and their human rights issues have continued to strain relations between Riyadh and Washington during President Biden’s Administration. After years of conflict between the Kingdom of Saudi and Iran, the two sides have decided to reactivate a security cooperation accord originally set in 2001, according to Reuters. As reported, China brokered the deal after talks with top ranking security officials between Tehran and Riyadh in Beijing.

According to reports, the deal also includes agreements over a previous pact that would include economic, investment and trade benefits. While reports highlight, that the United States via White House National Security Spokesperson John Kirby, who stated that Saudi Arabia had kept them informed about the talks in Beijing. However, it seems to be clear that Beijing may have intentionally kept the United States out of the deal. This, in a potential effort to bolster its own standing on the world stage as a superpower looking to “play a constructive role in addressing tough global issues.”

China’s Goal to Replace the U.S. Dollar as the World’s Top Currency Reserve

The world is looking at America today and insinuating that the United States can no longer hold the moral high ground and that this is the normal as the Multi-Polar World Order grows and the U.S. is pushed aside for what some Nations believe is the better option, a world order lead by China.

Worlds Currency Reserve Chart
Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves

While China may be increasing their ability to bring some developing Nations together, their ability to remove the US dollar as the world’s dominant currency reserve is still far from realization. According to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the Chinese Yuan is but 1.2% of the world’s allocated reserves. While the United States stands strong at 62.7% as of 2021, and even the Euro holds a commanding lead at over 20% of the world’s reserve.

China aims at taking over America and the Western powers without a hot war, it will nonetheless see a mountain to climb in front of it before it can become the world’s dominant currency reserve according to some economic experts. In the end, the natural course of history has shown that superpowers rise and fall, if America is an anomaly in the course of history, will it also become an anomaly in sustaining its superpower status, and protect the hegemony that has brought peace over its circle of influence since 1945?

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