Thursday, September 28, 2023

HOA Homeowners Still Lack Adequate Protections Thanks to Republican Senator Debbie Mayfield

From our investigative research, Republican Senator Debbie Mayfield is not a representative of the people. How can a party that claims to protect the people from communism and dictatorship push for protections for organizations and board of directors that aim at running their communities like a dictatorship?

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Is Strategic Ambiguity the Right Posture for the US Over Taiwan?

As China’s military rise continues to project across the indo-pacific, the question over strategic ambiguity or strategic clarity continues to be an issue at heart in both the political arena and the military circles. Whether strategic ambiguity is the posture America should sustain today seems to be at the top of the minds of many.

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America’s Actions & Policies Benefit and Shift Allies Towards the Multi-Polar World Order

The world is looking at America today and insinuating that the United States can no longer hold the moral high ground and that this is the normal as the Multi-Polar World Order grows and the U.S. is pushed aside for what some Nations believe is the better option, a world order lead by China. China aims at taking over America and the Western powers without a hot war, it will nonetheless see a mountain to climb in front of it before it can become the world’s dominant currency reserve according to some economic experts.

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House Bill 919

In a press conference on November 15, 2022, Miami-Dade prosecutor Katherine Fernandez Rundle stated, “Racketeering and money laundering are terms we usually associate with drug cartels and drug transactions or organized crime or large-scale international bribery schemes. Never would anyone have connected these terms to daily operations of a South Florida Homeowners Association. Never would anyone have connected such serious allegations to one of the largest homeowner associations in Florida.”

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Are the American People Being Misled by the Treasury, Federal Reserve Board and FDIC?

Silicon Valley Bank was the Nation’s 16th largest banking institution heavily focused on the tech industry and many of its depositors were tech-based venture capital backed companies. According to reports, the FDIC said in a statement that SVB had over $209 billion in assets and $174.5 billion in deposits on March 10th during its failure.

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