Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Dr. Fauci’s Negligent Behavior & Biden Admin’s Lack of Accountability

Recently, emails were released belonging to Dr. Fauci, related to the corona virus pandemic and his response. As it is beginning to look, seems as if Dr. Fauci’s channels, and as head of the NIH during the time in question, supported gain of function research through government grants procured through the NIH. Whether this was done with the knowledge or not, is still under question and an investigation may be started over the current allegations being reported.

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Governor DeSantis’ $101.5 Billion Budget & $1.5 Billion Veto

DeSantis touts Florida state's great accomplishments through the pandemic. During a press conference in Florida, DeSantis touted the state's great accomplishments and the ability to come out of a global pandemic with a sound economy, robust growth compared to most Democrat led states and an increased budget.

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Where’s the Future of Crypto?

The gold rush towards cryptocurrencies has increased exponentially since the beginning of the pandemic and the trends for this decentralized system only seem to continue to grow. Over the last year and a half, Bitcoin (BTC) has increased 640%, bringing it from $7,351.52 per coin on January 3rd, 2020, to where it stands today at $48,720 give or take a few at 2pm in the afternoon of May 13th.

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Are You Supporting Genocide Through Green Energy?

If you own solar panels, there’s up to an 82% possibility that you may have unknowingly supported forced labor, human rights abuses and even genocide in Xinjiang, China. This of course is not to scare you of the alleged atrocities being reported from this region, but rather to make you aware that America and the free world may be allowing history to repeat itself and even you may be a part of it.

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Is Tesla’s Expansion in China Coming to an End?

Tesla’s biggest announcement to the Chinese car maker’s economy was overshadowed by a protestor who hijacked Tesla’s booth at the Shanghai Auto Show. The protestor was wearing a white T-shirt with red Chinese writing which read “the breaks don’t work” and “invisible killer” with a prominent Tesla logo.

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