Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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    Federal Appeals Court Challenges the Basis for Jan 6th Enhanced Sentencing

    The findings by The People's Olive Branch investigative team were brought to the attention of Mr. Jan Bergemann, President, of Cyber Citizens For Justice, Inc. (CCFJ), who told our investigative reporter in a phone call on February 20th 3:02 p.m. that, “he doesn’t want to get involved in that case and that he doesn’t care what happens there...” He followed it by stating that our team at The People's Olive Branch "is small...that we better watch what we publish." Mr. Jan Burgemann hung up on our investigative reporter shortly thereafter. In an email communication, Mr. Bergemann doubled down by saying “Please don’t bother me with your nonsense!” and denied the statements he had made over the initial phone communication.

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    House Speaker Quest Ends for Jim Jordan, New Speaker Mike Johnson Takes the Helm

    Jeff Miller — a top fundraiser, adviser, and a longtime pal of McCarthy — said he will begin fundraising for Johnson’s (R-La.) camp. As the new speaker takes the helm of the House GOP, he also assumes responsibility for the party’s House fundraising operation, the resources behind maintaining the slim GOP majority in a heavily fought presidential election season. And Johnson, far from a prolific fundraiser who has only raised about $600,000 between his campaign and leadership PAC since the start of 2023, will need help raising money.

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    House Republicans Nominate Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker Amidst Internal Division

    The nomination follows an internal secret ballot vote held behind closed doors, which took place today, marking a significant step in the process to select a new Speaker, as the lower chamber remains without a leader for the 10th consecutive day. Rep. Jim Jordan, currently serving as the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, secured the nomination, defeating the unexpected entry of Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.), who emerged as an alternative candidate to Jordan in the speaker's race.

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    Millennials in Today’s Economic Environment are Stuck Between a Rock and A Hard Place

    The link between increasing wages through productivity has been a subject of debate among economists, especially in western Nations. Millennials, or people born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s, have faced a number of financial challenges in today's economic environment. From student loan debts to the high cost of living, stagnant wages, lack of job security, and economic downturns.

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    Are Private Investigators Behaving Unethically When You’re the Subject?

    During an investigation by Private Investigative firm Emerging Investigations, located out of Plant City on Paul Buchman Hwy, the owner of the investigative firm Brian J. DeAntonio was caught on camera going door to door with his wife Rachel DeAntonio and in some cases intimidating the neighbors of their subject and even calling them expletive words for what looks like not being able to obtain actionable intelligence on their subject, who is an Investigative Journalist with The People’s Olive Branch.

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