The leaked information from top health officials alleges that up to 250 million people living in China could be infected over the first 20 days in December.

Evidence of notes leaked by China’s internal top health officials, shows a grim spike in COVID cases, as reported on Friday by Bloomberg News and the Financial Times. While true COVID infection cases are difficult to ascertain, due to China’s strict behavior and measures to coverup the real COVID numbers. The leaked information from top health officials alleges that up to 250 million people living in China could be infected over the first 20 days in December. This number has been estimated on the high-end to be as much as 279 million people in China.

According to reports, based on these numbers, China could see a surge of up 2.1 million deaths attributed to COVID infection cases. Which could be the highest number for one single country worldwide. Morgues are overwhelmed with corpses and a backlog of cremations as shown on video on the web leaves many Chinese citizens fearing for their lives. This is an estimate of up to 18% of the Chinese population that has been infected, and even some top level Chinese Communist Party officials are not in clear, as notable members have already passed away.  

One of those members is a former senior reporter for the CCP’s official mouthpiece, the People’s Daily. Who is also the Chief Editor of the newspaper’s internal edition known as Yang Lianghua. According to a report by The Epoch Times, he was said to had been “waiting in the emergency room for a bed in Beijing’s top Hospital.” The hospital was already dealing with patient surges during this time.

According to data leaked, there were up to 37 million infections in one single day. This trend could push the end of China’s “zero-covid” policy model. A model that was at one time hailed as the model to replicate across the world or other western Nations by Dr. Fauci himself.

Should the World be Concerned with the Spread of COVID into Western Nations?

United States 7-Day Average COVID cases as of December 19th

According to current data, the situation in the United States has yet to diminish and the American people are still facing both infections and death attributed to COVID on a daily basis. However, it is difficult to know if 100% of those deaths are all attributed to COVID when a person dies, while infected with covid, even if the death could be attributed to another illness or disease. In the past, reports confirmed that any death, while testing positive for covid, was labeled as a covid death even if it wasn’t the cause attributed to the death.

United States New Cases Per Day

Data shows that as of December 19th, the 7-day average for cases in the U.S. was 45,908. While deaths under the same timeframe were 295. While one death is too many, professionals have ascertained that an increase in the spread coming out of China’s surge will not have the same impact it currently does in China. This could be because western Nations have learned to live with the virus and more people have therefore built stronger immunity against the virus.

United States New Deaths Per Day

The strict “zero-covid” policy implemented by President Xi Jinping and forced throughout the country by CCP party officials has created a gap in proper immunity amongst the Chinese citizens, according to some medical professionals. Moreover, according to reports, prior to December China only administered between 100K to 200K doses per day. However, that number was said to had surged to up to 1.43 million doses on December 13th alone.

How Does This Affect the Chinese Communist Party’s Top Leadership?

As some top level CCP leaders are dying off, this could be attributed to anti-rejection drugs that suppress the immune system, as many CCP leaders have undergone organ transplant surgery. The Chinese Communist Party’s illegal organ harvesting program has made it so that many CCP party officials have already gone through an organ transplant in the past. One could lightly compare acquiring an organ in China as easy as opening a medicine cabinet and taking your pill of choice. Whereas in Western Nations, organ transplant are usually reserved for death prevention such as a heart, kidney or liver.  

According to medical professionals, in order to prevent the body’s immune system from rejecting the transplanted organ, many CCP officials and top leadership could currently be taking anti-rejection drugs. These drugs stop the body’s immune system from rejecting the organ transplanted in the individual.

However, the drawback is that the body’s immune system is then suppressed. This suppression makes it difficult for CCP top leadership under this medication to fight off any illness or diseases. Particularly, viruses such as COVID, which one can surmise that maybe, this is why there was a strict ‘zero-covid” policy implemented in the first place.

Can or will this signal the end of the Chinese Communist Party?  Only time will tell.

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