Professionals in the dental industry are strongly urged to consider vaccination by the American Dental Association

Last month, the President of the American Dental Association (ADA), Daniel J. Klammedson D.D.S., M.D., made sure to speak up on behalf of the ADA to let the dental community know where they stand on vaccination and vaccine mandates. As it stands today, the American Dental Association is strongly urging medical professionals in the dental industry to vaccinate.

The ADA does not, as of this date, support a vaccine “mandate” for all dental employees in the industry. However, they do “strongly” urge for everyone to think about their health and their patient’s health as they are about to embark on that decision.

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The news from the American Dental Association comes on the heals of well-known medical group’s call on the government to implement mandates for covid vaccinations. On a publication by the American Dental Association, the President noted the rise of the DELTA variant and the ensuing rising cases associated with the new variant. He repeated a statement he had previously made in December 2020.

“Dentists are essential health care providers whose leadership, counsel, and example will go a long way in building vaccine confidence in our nation,” Dr. Klemmedson wrote. “Let’s do our part to move public health forward. If you haven’t already been vaccinated, please get vaccinated and encourage your team members and patients to do the same.”

Medical Organizations Urge Congress to Mandate Vaccines

According to a report by CNN, major medical organizations are pushing for a robust vaccine mandate. Some of these noted organizations are:

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics
  • The American Public Health Association
  • American Medical Association and
  • The American College of Physicians to name a few.

The official number according to the medical organizations that are advocating for the mandate, is that 25% of hospital workers are yet to be vaccinated. While they stressed the importance of protecting patients through proactive vaccine adherence, the effects of the mandates are causing some of these professionals to leave the industry.

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Reports of medical staff shortages for critical ER patient services could be put in jeopardy according to Ballad Health President and CEO. Ballad Health is located in Johnson City, Tennessee. It is a 22 hospital healthcare system that makes the point that current staff shortages could cause critical ER services to be prolonged. This scenario isn’t limited to only critical emergency services.

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Dental Practices Are Essential & Provide Emergency Services

Dental offices across the nation also provide essential emergency services such as patients with an absence and poor oral health which could cause a closing of the throat. This and many other services that remove prolonged pain and aches are required by the community at large and is another reason why possible mandates in the dental industry could cause a shortage of practitioners that may end up leaving the field.

For an example of this story, we highlight a registered nurse named Amy Frame who posted on her Facebook page a very touching story and how she is one of many leaving the medical industry in an effort to avoid vaccine mandates. We’ve added her post below for your convenience.

In her post, Amy states how they are moving to a better place and for a better live, one that does not require pharmaceuticals to maintain her job. Amy Frame is a registered nurse (RN) and has been for the past 11 years. She has worked for the same company for over 9 years and has now had to make the hard choice of leaving her job as a dedicated medical service worker in search for greener pastures.

How Much of the Medical Industry is Meeting CDC Vax Rates?

According to reports by top medical organizations, the following numbers have been gathered and this is just a synopsis of the overall data that has been collected.

Some of the speakers you can look forward to are listed below.

  • Over 95% of US physicians surveyed in early June confirmed that they were fully vaccinated.
  • When you step out of the physicians field and look at other healthcare workers, the number drop significantly according to reports.
  • Only 58% of nursing home staff are considered to be fully vaccinated. This is current as of July 11th 2021.
  • And still, up to 25% of all healthcare hospital workers have yet to be vaxxed.
  • According to the CDC, up to 49% of the American population I fully vaccinated.
  • While there are 11 states that not have met 40% vaccination rate according to the CDC.

How this will continue to affect the medical industry in the coming one to two years, will be interesting to say the least. Only time will tell but well known leaders in the medical industry have made their voices heard on the shortage side of the conversation.