Controversy Surrounding Fulton County DA’s Alleged Relationship with Special Prosecutor in Trump Case

Allegations of an inappropriate relationship between Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Nathan Wade was appointed by Willis to prosecute former President Donald Trump and others for alleged election interference. The potential improprieties and conflict of interest have sparked renewed calls for Willis’s removal from the case.

Fani Willis, Fulton County’s District Attorney has defended her decision to hire Wade, despite his limited prosecutorial experience. Similarly, Willis has not directly addressed the accusations of a romantic involvement. The claims were brought to light by defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant in a motion filed on behalf of former Trump campaign staffer Michael Roman.

Merchant contends that Willis’s office paid substantial sums to Wade, suggesting improper benefits when Wade allegedly financed vacations for both, according to reports. While no concrete evidence of the alleged relationship has been provided, credit card records submitted by Wade’s wife in their divorce case indicate that Wade purchased plane tickets for Willis to fly from Miami and San Francisco.

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Willis, an elected Democrat, has not shown any intention of stepping down. However, various options exist for her potential removal from the case:

Judicial Action

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, to whom Merchant’s motion is addressed, has the authority to remove Willis and Wade from further prosecution. Another judge, Robert McBurney, took similar action in a previous case, emphasizing a conflict of interest.

Recusal by Willis

If Willis chooses to recuse herself, her entire office may need to step away from the case. The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia would then need to find a replacement prosecutor.

Oversight Commission Investigation

Republicans advocate for an investigation by Georgia’s Prosecuting Attorneys Qualification Commission, which was established to discipline and remove prosecutors. Legislative approval is pending, and the commission might not act solely on the Trump case.

Impeachment by State Lawmakers

Some lawmakers propose impeaching Willis, but Georgia’s General Assembly hasn’t impeached anyone in over 50 years. A two-thirds majority in the Senate is required for conviction, a challenging prospect given the current political makeup.

State Bar of Georgia

The State Bar could discipline Willis for prosecutorial misconduct based on rules adopted in 2021. However, these rules primarily address a prosecutor’s duty to disclose evidence.

Other Consequences

Fulton County Commissioner Bob Ellis has demanded information on county spending, suggesting possible budget cuts. State Senator Brandon Beach has asked the state Inspector General to investigate if state funds were used for personal gain.

While Willis faces scrutiny from multiple fronts, the outcome remains uncertain, with potential consequences ranging from judicial action to legislative measures and ethical investigation.

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