How does this improve your dental treatment?

The team at Functional Aesthetic Dentistry located in Summerlin, NV on the west side of Las Vegas has recently brought Primeprint into the Vegas scene. With Primeprint, dental practices like Dr. Suffoleta’s dentistry in Summerlin NV, can provide exceptional and efficient treatment to their patients. Added with a level of technological sophistication that many patients can appreciate.

As with their same day dental treatment process, Primeprint brings a whole new level of manufacturing to your local dental office. Functional Aesthetic Dentistry’s opportunities with the latest 3D printing technology further enhances the same day treatment motto Dr. Suffoletta’s patients come back for.

Surgical Guide with Primeprint.

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What is Primeprint?

Primeprint is the latest in 3D printing for dental practices. It was developed by Dentsply Sirona, The Dental Solutions company. In their clinical studies brochure, they highlight the steps taken from imaging to processing and placement of 3D-printed guide for implantology.

Link to brochure: Dentsply Sirona Clinical Cases

Primeprints’ sophisticated software allows for an array of integration with other tools and software, such as the CAD/CAM, intraoral scanner or even milling units. It turns an ordinary dental office into an efficiently working machine that aides the dentists in their goals towards painless solutions for their patients.

Primeprint is a two-part system composing of the Primescan AC and of course, the Primeprint. A dentist can now 3D print surgical guides on the spot and can produce your crowns in-house instead of sending them to a lab for two weeks. For the patient, this increases their personal experience with the doctor and their team as well as the environment in the practice.

Case Descriptions:

What are some of the case descriptions associated with Dentsply Sirona’s Primeprint? According to Primeprint’s Clinical Cases Collection, some of the case descriptions are:

  • 3D-Printed Guide for Implantology
  • 3D-Printed Model with Ditched Dies for Anterior Tooth Renewal
  • 3D-Printed Splint Against Noctural Bruxism
  • 3D-Printed Surgical Guide for Implantology and 3D-Printed Temporary Restoration
  • 3D-Printed Individual Impression Tray

Destination, Summerlin Las Vegas

The Functional Aesthetic Dentistry team is one of few in the Vegas Valley that participated in the introduction and training of Primeprint 3D printer and is now bringing it to their patients in the Las Vegas Market. They can now provide you with increased quality and efficient care. 3D-Printing dental guides and crowns decreases manually handling and increases the speed and sanitary care that you expect at your local dentist.

To get a hold of the Functional Aesthetic Dentistry team near the Vegas Valley, visit their website and call them for a no obligation consultation at 702-302-6225