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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Tag: Economy

The U.S. Sees A Rebound Faster Than Projected By The International Monetary Fund

While the economies around the world took a major hit during the CCP virus pandemic, the outlook for the future isn't as bleak as some may think. Regardless of the economic contraction, the IMF does project some positive news about the direction of both the U.S. economy and world economies for the year 2021 and forward.

How Will the Election Affect the Interest Rates?

Interest rates refer to the cost of borrowing money and is described as the Federal Funds Rate + prime rate for borrowing that money. The prime rate is also known as the rate banks charge a borrower with good credit and financial standing. You can also describe this as the index + the margin. Where the index is equal to the Federal Funds Rate and the prime rate is equal to the margin banks charge to lend their money.
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