Saturday, April 1, 2023
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New York State Assembly Bill a416

Will the New York Law Proposed by State Assembly N. Nick Perry Usher in...

In 2019 a laptop belonging to then Vice President's son Hunter Biden, was dropped off at a repair shop. Inside this computer, is alleged to contain many provocative and incriminating photos, emails and additional files. However, what really took the headline news were the released emails by the New York Post, showing that then VP Biden and his son Hunter Biden did in fact communicate about foreign business dealings and transactions that are illegal and criminal in nature.
House Bill 919 Image by SCOTT KEELER | Times

House Bill 919

In a press conference on November 15, 2022, Miami-Dade prosecutor Katherine Fernandez Rundle stated, “Racketeering and money laundering are terms we usually associate with drug cartels and drug transactions or organized crime or large-scale international bribery schemes. Never would anyone have connected these terms to daily operations of a South Florida Homeowners Association. Never would anyone have connected such serious allegations to one of the largest homeowner associations in Florida.”
Silicon Valley Bank

Are the American People Being Misled by the Treasury, Federal Reserve Board and FDIC?

Silicon Valley Bank was the Nation’s 16th largest banking institution heavily focused on the tech industry and many of its depositors were tech-based venture capital backed companies. According to reports, the FDIC said in a statement that SVB had over $209 billion in assets and $174.5 billion in deposits on March 10th during its failure.
People line up at a makeshift fever clinic

Should China’s Increase in COVID-19 Virus Outbreak be a Concern to the World, or...

Leaked information from top health officials alleges that up to 250 million people living in China could be infected over the first 20 days in December. This number has been estimated on the high-end to be as much as 279 million people in China.
copper ridge community expenses

Are Your HOA Community Funds Being Spent On The Community Next Door?

In a barrage of questionable financial records, the Treasurer of the Copper Ridge Community in Valrico, along with homeowners, want to address the expenditures of their HOA funds on the nearby community called Somerset Association.
Federal Reserve Statement

Federal Reserve Hikes Rates at .75% for the Fourth Time

Prior to 2022, the last time steps were taken to curb inflation in such an aggressive manner was in 1994. At the time, the starting Fed rate was at 2.96% on January 3rd, but by December 12th, the rate had reached 5.34% and by January 9th, it reached well over 6%.
Edward Medard Conservation Park During Hurricane Ian

Floridians Brace for Impact as Hurricane Ian Intensifies

Floridians lined up along the road waiting for their turn to enter the conservation park in a line that spanned more than a two and a half hour wait. In South Tampa evacuation order were given, mandatory orders for mobile homes, zone A and zone B according to Hillsborough Maps. You can check your location in Hillsborough’s 2022 Hurricane Evacuation Assessment Tool.
Copper Ridge Community Financial-Records-Request

Does Your HOA Community Board Members Have Sufficient Oversight of Community Bank Accounts?

In the state of Florida, some property management companies have complete control over HOA community bank accounts. In some cases, the board members themselves have no oversight that is of equal significance over the property management company. In such a scenario, homeowners are left with the cost of filing a civil court action in order to gain any meaningful access to financial records. A similar case in the state of Florida is now taking place in the Copper Ridge Community in Valrico. A complaint was filed by two of the homeowners in the Copper Ridge Community over the financial records not yet provided to the community’s Treasurer.
Copper Ridge HOA Community

Copper Ridge Community HOA Board Creates Election Rules for Thee, But Not for Me

In the State of Florida, HOA Communities for residential homes are some of the least regulated sectors of the housing market. In most cases, it is up to the homeowners to fight their own battles, while the HOA boards and attorneys use community member funds to fight back against the individual homeowners at their own expense. As it relates to homeownership rights in Florida, residential homeowners get the short end of the stick. In the Copper Ridge Community, some homeowners are working with the Treasurer of the board in order to gain transparency over elections and better access to community finances.
Green Adventure Festival, Food Festival, Music Festival

The First Annual Green Adventure Festival Kicks Off Near Las Vegas, NV

The Green Adventure Festival aims to be the top vegan and vegetarian fest in the industry, with can’t miss entertainment. “While the journey has been a long one”, stated the Managing Partner, Sergio Sierra, “What we see coming down the pipeline is going to be great and provide lots of fun and entertainment for our guests and their families. As the one in charge of production & stage tech, I see the first annual fest as one that will propel this industry forward, into the mainstream market.
What is Primeprint?

Dr. Suffoletta Brings Primeprint to Summerlin/Las Vegas Nevada!

Primeprint is the latest in 3D printing for dental practices. It was developed by Dentsply Sirona, The Dental Solutions company. In their clinical studies brochure, they highlight the steps taken from imaging to processing and placement of 3D-printed guide for implantology.